just wanted to send my appreciation to you.  Not because we have been winning as of late (although that is always good) but for being an honest and helpful handicapper.  
Believe it or not those are hard to find and are few and far between.   
I understand you don't have to have a service and you make your money by wagering on the games.  Thank you for sharing your picks and giving regular Joes a chance.  
Mickey M.
Edmond, Ok
Thank you so much for another great start. You are the best and I always apprecialte your honesty! Keep up the great work! We are starting to roll!
Ben M.
Just wanted to tell you thanks for restoring my faith in handicappers. You are new to my area and I was skepical when I heard you but decided to give you a try after a couple weeks of losing on my own. Thank God I did! You DO POST OUR GAMES. I wouldnt believe it if I wasnt a client. Your skill is one thing but the honesty is more valuable to be. Thanks again.
Pittsburgh, Pa
Thx brother for the great weekend! I missed your 5-0 Friday because I got into Vegas late but I am still up over $1000.00 on the weekend! You are the man!  Sorry I'm not in a position to buy your season package, but if I ever get there and decide to bet everyday, I'm totally using you. I tell all my friends about you. You are the best there is and it isnt even close!




Dude you are on fire! another winner Monday night! That was sick! The free bases are undefeated this week.7-0! I am up over 10k in the last 3 week with you. I cant thank you enough! Cant believe you are this good but keep it up!! I am a believer.


Jeremy M.

Rancho Heights, Ca


Thanks for the great picks!  I do not wish to renew but had the best weekend ever!  I was in Vegas and made more money that I could of ever imagined with your picks! Thanks so Much!
Donald M.
Lawrence, Kansas


When can I sign up for th new year? I have made more money in the last month with you than I made in the last 10 on my own! You are truly the best! Sign me up for 2018-19 season! Lets make some more money!! I'm in!!

Greg L
San Diego, California


Sign me up for March Madness. WTF is going on with the basketball! I have never seen anything like this! We are making so much money right now!! Keep it going!!!! Thanks for everything! 

Harris B.
Oklahoma City, Ok


What a run! I almost didnt sign up for the basketball after the great football season but thought I would give it a try and my God! I am up over 10k this month!!!! You are ridiculous! Keep it up!

Ronnie T.
Cleveland, Ohio


Where do you recommend I bet? My guy told me he wont take my action anymore. Your football was too good and just about broke him and now the hoops are killing it. He is done! Let me know!

Keith S
Tulsa, Ok


Thank you for being a handicapper. I almost quit in October after signing up with a few other services over the past few years. Most were filled with lies and all were losers. YOU are HONEST and WIN!!! Almost too good to be true but I am very thankful I am on your team! Thank you for a great year. I am a client for life. 

Steve F.
Lawrence, Kansas


Thanks for the great football season and how easy was Philly!! You killed it!! Sign me up for the baskets!!

Markus F.
Seattle, Washington


I have been a client for 15 years now and this might of been the most impressive year yet! You just keep getting better. I am up over 200k this year with your plays. When I started way back, I was a $500/game player. You have me up with the big boys now and that 11-0 week after the huge run thru October was AMAZING! I cant thank you enough. Just wanted to give it up to you,man! Keep it up and good luck to us in the Super Bowl. I'm going to step out a bit so hope your right!

Dr Barry B.
Las Vegas,Nv


Long time listener and I signed up for your week package last week for my trip to Vegas. Thank you so much! You made my friends and I a ton of money and we had a great trip! Just wanted to say thanks.

Monte L
Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Thank you so much for a great year. I am new to sports betting and found your info from a friend. He said you were the best and wow! He was right! Honest and huge profit! I have made so much money this year! Cant wait for 2018! Keep up the good work. 

Kenny P.
Ft Lauderdale, Fl



thank you for a great football season! I made so much money with your picks. We only had 3 or 4 losing weeks all year and I cant count how many times I collected this year. It was amazing! I cant wait for the playoffs and next year! Keep in up!

Bradley K.
Lawrence, Ks



Wanted to thank you for your honesty and up front way of doing business. The fact I dont have to guess which package is "hot" this week and which picks are doing the best is so nice. Everyone getting the best plays ALL THE TIME is great and all I have ever wanted in a handicapper. Your best effort every week! You have delivered all year long and signing up for your service was the best decision I could of made. Have a great 2018 and keep up the good work!

Don H.

New York,NY


Fat Jack Sports Service,

I am a member of 3 services and YOU far out preform them all! Your consistency is what is amazing! Even on a down week, we dont really lose! Our winning weeks are great and I am driving my bookies crazy! At this point, I am not sure why I am continuing with the others but I am a client of yours for life! Thanks for everything and have a great new year!


Clark H.
Reno, Nv


Thanks again for a great year! I cant say enough how nice it is to have someone that is honest and a winner! Keep it up and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year and Heres to a great 2018! Boomer Sooner!!

Keith S.
Tulsa, Ok


Thanks for the picks this season. I have been with other guys and still get calls daily from guys trying to get my to sign up with them but I just tell them, I found the best! This is my 3rd year with you and you dont disappoint. Your worst month is better than their best one! Keep it up and merry Christmas!

Chris L.
Denton, Texas


Please let me know the next time you are in Vegas. I would love to buy you a drink to thank you for all the money you have made me! You are truly the best there is and your honest approach is unmatched in this shady town. So nice to be able to trust a WINNER!

Your faithful client!

Harvey M.
Henderson, Nevada


Thanks for everything so far this year. You have had a great year and I just wanted to say thanks! Cant wait for the rest of the season and 2018! Keep up the good work! You truly are the best in the biz!

Hunter A.
Baltimore, Maryland


I signed up late but I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your transparency. Win or lose, you post you results. We didnt have the best week and I was wondering if you would put the week up. You did! Im impressed! I see what everyone is talking about and now just need you to get hot again! Its good to know that win or lose, your honest. Lets get going! 

Brendon K.
Kansas City.Mo


What a bad mistake! I was with you for the first 3 months of the season. You made me over 15k. Then I signed up with another service and he has lost most of my money! Im a fucking idiot! Please tell your other guys that you are the real deal and not to be a dumbass like me and listen to an idiot who can sell! I will be back but its going to be a couple weeks. Stay hot!

James M.


I just wanted to thank you for the great year. You are one of a kind. I was with another guy for the last 5 years and all he did was promise me winners and lose week after week! YOU promise honesty and consistency and all you do is keep winning! Month after month! Its been ridiculous! Even on the bad days, you stand up up and admit it! Thats what I care about. You are a class act that tells the truth and has talent. Glad I finally found you. Have a great holiday season and good luck in the bowls! Keep the winners coming!

Gary S.
Noble, Ok


When do your bowls come out? I cant wait! I started as a $200.00/game player and now am up over $10,000.00 this year and playing $500/game! IF the bowls are anything like the regular season, its gonna be a great Christmas! Either way, you have a client for life! You are the real deal! 

Edward S.
Pittsburgh, Pa


Fat Jack,

Just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for the great month! I am up over 20k the last 6 weeks all from your picks! You are killing it and I am so excited I finally decided to give you a try. Keep it up! 

Peter M.
Las Vegas, Nevada



Thanks so much for the great picks! I have been a part of a lot of services but never seen anyone win at the rate you win! You consistently beat the book and I have made a ton of $$ thanks to you! When I started, I was just trying to have a little fun but it has turned into a second source of income. I'm a believer! Keep up the good work!

John G.
San Diego, CA


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