Why should you believe me instead of other services?

What makes the FAT JACK any different? 

These are all questions that are probably running through your mind right now. and to be honest, you should be asking yourself those questions. With the changes in the laws in America regarding sports betting you are going to hear A LOT from so called "sports betting experst". Signing up with a sports analyst service is an important decision. The most important thing you can do when deciding who to put your faith into to help you mak e money is APPLY COMMON SENSE!  Does what your hearing ACTUALLY make sense!

Here is what makes me so special.... 

  • I have been in the business for 19+ years. I did not just open a service the minute sports wagering became legal. 
  • I am ESTABLISHED and credible to my clients as well as my radio listeners.
  • EVERYONE GETS THE EXACT SAME SELECTIONS EACH WEEK! THE BEST PLAYS I HAVE. PERIOD! Isnt that what you actually want? the plays that will help you make money?
  • I charge every client the same amount of money each month. I bet the plays myself so my income comes from the profit I bet on MY games. I don't have to charge the higher players MORE money for so called "better picks". I can aford to give EVERY PAYING CLIENT THE BEST PLAYS FOR A FAIR PRICE becaues when you win like I do, the bulk of my money will be made from the casinos, not service fees. I win, YOU win and the books LOSE. THATS the Fat Jack system.
  • I don't care how big or small a player you are. Wager the same amount of money on each of my picks; it doesn't matter if it is $50 a game or 50k a game.....YOU WILL MAKE MONEY! If you sign up with me for the entire season, you will show a profit. I win more games than I lose, including the juice. The only players that sign up and DON'T win are those few that take the "we will see how it goes..." approach. IF you sign up for a few days, you may win. IF you sign up for a month, you will probably win. Sign up for the season You WILL WIN. The more quality selections you get each season, the higher your chance of being a winning gambler will be. It's common sense.

I am one of the only handicappers that puts my money where my mouth is, and I have the stats to prove it. The EXACT SELECTIONS YOU GET will be posted each week for EVERYONE TO SEE each week after the games are complete. You will know YOU are getting the same games as every other clients across the country. Go to the "history page" to check out every selection every client received last year and see how YOU would of done. Check out the "selections" page to see YOUR selections each week to confirm YOU are getting the same exact plays every client is receiving each week. We send everyone the same plays, these plays win each year and when you sign up, YOU will win too. Its that easy! 

Why would you choose to lose week after week? Isn't it time you stop stressing about the selections and worrying about your losses. Invest in winning , quality selections, start turning a consistent profit and come to the FAT JACK. Okay, so you are thinking to yourself, this sounds great, but how many picks a week am I going to get and most importantly, how much is this going to cost me?  Both good questions. Here is more info! When you consider what you might be losing, the picks are a great value and since everyone gets the exact same selections, getting your plays is a snap!

Here is how you receive your information!

Selections are available either via text message or delivered to your email. You will also be able to log on to this site to receive your selections at any time 24 hours, a day 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. These are busy times and having mobile information at your fingertips is crucial! I am diligent in making sure you receive your picks in plenty of time to wager! So being mobile with this information allows you to get the best lines possible.


For the packages that are one week or longer, expect 7-14 selections per week OVERALL. These include Monday , Thursday, Friday or any other weekday game we see as a game to make money on THEN typically 3-7 plays on a typical Saturday. Sundays NFL selections range from 2-6 plays overall. YOU are getting the  exact games I am going to play SO when we are winning, you may get a few more. IF we are having one of our very few "down weeks" aa few less picks may go out. I play A LOT OF $$ on these games and I DON'T CHASE. When we are winning, we ride those highs! These selections will be teams, some totals but most importantly will be my best selections that will give us the best chance to turn a profit each week!


You will get 12-20 basketball selections each week on average. Basketball selections are sent out 1 hour before the first scheduled tip each day at the very latest. You will ALWAYS have your selections in plenty of time to get your bets in!  Check your email or text messages! 

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