By now you may have figured out why I am the most successful and different handicapper in the country. We continue the theme of original and entertaining programming while giving you the information to make the right choices when picking a sports analyst.

The Fat Jack

The Fat Jack is a 48-year-old native Oklahoman that began his assault on the Vegas sports books while still in college. He started gambling on sports with extra money in college. "I soon understood why Vegas was a bright place with buffets for $2.99.  I knew quickly I would either need to figure out a system that consistently turned a profit or quit gambling." In the 90's, I began acquiring real estate and within ten years had become a major player in real estate around the Midwest. I also perfected my skills as a sports gambler. I developed a reputation in Oklahoma and Las Vegas as a player that didn't need to get "lucky" on one game a week betting 100K or more. I had figured out how to consistently play 10 or more games a week and still turn a profit week in and week out. By winning consistently, I allowed myself and my clients to not play outside their means and still turn a profit while staying within their financial budget. I don't ask a $100 a game player to play $1000 on a game to "catch up." Play the same amount on each selection, and you will make money. 

The Fat Jack Sports Hour is a blend of information and entertainment. It can be heard around the country in over 60 markets! My ultimate goal is to allow the person who doesn't bet on games to still enjoy the show. If I provide a good product week in and week out,  I don't have to beat it into the people listening; they will come. That allows more time for humor. The biggest compliment I get is when someone says they love my radio show and don't even gamble. 

I have been featured on the reality show American Casino where you get to see my unique sense of style and my ways of gambling. My poker playing prowess can be seen on the Ultimate Poker Showdown. I was also a featured player in the World Series of Golf 2009 season. I write and consult for various published national magazines across the country and appear on a variety of national sports shows. Since May, when the Supreme Court ruled to allow sports gambling in all states, I have appeared on numerous ABC/CBS/NBC channels to talk about the changes coming to America. 

Make sure and listen to The Fat Jack Sports Hour on your local Sports Talk channel, or subscribe to the Podcast and even download the app for more up to the minute appearances & information!

Brandon Rush

Brandon spent almost two decades in all forms of media from radio, TV, web, and print and have been a featured writer for ArenaFan.com, the Oklahoma Pigskin Preview Magazine, and many other websites and publications.

In my career I have covered college and professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey games for ESPN radio, Yahoo Sports Radio, and Fox Sports Radio and spent over 12 seasons as a play-by-play announcer, coaches show host, and as a host of my weekly radio shows and podcasts.

Currently, I am the Managing Editor of Three-Point Stance Magazine, a website and podcast empire dedicated to the world of football. 

When I’m not here scouring the web for stories, I spend time with my wife and dog in Louisville, KY. I am a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners, Atlanta Falcons, Oklahoma City Thunder, Detroit Tigers, Nashville Predators, and whoever Fat Jack releases.

I love betting on the games, playing poker, and learning how to cook.


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